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March 31st,  2006    Issue# 44

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Guess what? Magic Roadshow is now officially back on schedule. It's only taken three issues, but hey, whose counting?

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We have a lot to cover, so, without further ado..

In This Issue:

01) Building a Tip, Getting an Edge - Turning your magic into money

02) Persona, Showmanship, & Building a Bridge - Creating your image

03) How to Perform a Forcing Matrix - Useful tool for mental magic

04) - the Library  - Articles for street performers

05) Industrial Strength Magic-  An ad or a resource?

06) Google Page Creator - Simple creator for newbies

07) Card Shuffling Tutorial - Learn new shuffles

08) Expert at the Card Table - New free PDF version

09) WaxMail - Send audio emails with this useful free tool

Take your time and read each article.. there will be a test at the conclusion of this class...


Don Drivers No frills, short, to the point, proven, easy to learn, homemade, cheap, money making - "Building a tip, Getting an Edge"

Two issues ago I reviewed Don's excellent "Don Driver's Svengali Pitch" . Although out awhile, I wanted to set the stage for this.. Don's latest DVD-  " Don Driver's Building a Tip Bally ".

Now, for those of you who are serious about street magic but don't understand the lingo, a 'tip' is a group of people you have gathered on the street to perform your magic for.. 'Bally' is the routine or script you use to attract the tip. When performing street magic, building as big a tip as possible is critical for consistent success. Knowing HOW to build the tip is equally critical. It's not as simple as sitting up a table and announcing " OK, I'm going to do some magic now. Come on over and watch.."

Don Driver is widely regarded as one of the very top 'pitchmen' in the business. Don prefers to work close to his audience and likes to draw his tip close to him and his magic. Other pitchmen/buskers, such as Zachary Strange, who is featured on this DVD as well, keep their audience at a distance. We'll talk more about this later.

In his first segment, Don goes through his bally, word for word, joke for joke, to give you an overall picture of what a professional bally looks and sounds like, and a deep understanding of how and why his bally works. Don discloses the psychology and moves in a visual way that a book could not possibly convey. Great magicians love good magic books, and many prefer books over DVD's. But, this is the perfect arguement for capturing a routine on 'tape', complete with the rhythmic inflections, tone, and timing that hypnotizes the audience into stopping, watching, and then filling the hat.  

Folks.. this is NOT theory.

This is Don's proven method that he actually encourages you to use, word for word if necessary, to get fat hats.

How do you know it works? Well, Don spent years in Las Vegas, working the street and making his living using this same bally. In segment two you can watch Don, standing by his lonesome, on Hollywood Blvd, building a tip from scratch using the exact bally he taught in segment one. You can watch as person after person joins the crowd (tip) and Don, using his ever-present double-talk and timing, entertains with his bally until he has enough of an 'edge' to begin his show.

Segment three reinforces two as Zachary Strange, performing on the Santa Monica pier, builds a sizeable tip using Don's method. After watching Don perform, Zachary commented "I knew immediately that this was something that would work for me." Unlike Don, Zachary doesn't draw his tip in close, but his methodology is the same.  "Using Don's bally was like flipping a light switch.."  

After his performance Zachary sits down in a local eatery, camera in tow, to offer his professional tips to personalize Don's bally.

Overall, I highly recommend Don's latest DVD. Guy's, making it in street magic is much more than simply knowing a few tricks and owning a fold-up table. To be truly successful, you have to know the secret to building a crowd. Believe me, there is both an art and a science to building a tip and getting an edge, and  Don Driver knows the secret.

Thank goodness, he's willing to share..


Don's DVD is available directly from Don's website for a paltry $25.00 . (Maybe the best twenty five bucks you'll ever spend..) Right now, you can get both this DVD and Don's Svengali DVD for $45.00.  Go there now...


Persona, Showmanship, & Building a Bridge

Being successful as a magician relies just as much on your stage persona and your ability to be engaging as it does on the tricks you choose to perform or the technical skills you possess.

The reason for this is because tricks in and of themselves can fall flat if not presented in the right way. A sleight of hand that dazzles when performed by an engaging magician can leave an audience yawning when in the less capable hands of an under-whelming performer.

So if you want your tricks to go over well, you've got to learn how to sell them to your audience.

That means you've got to work on your showmanship just as much as you have to work on the tricks themselves. Learn how to get the audience eating out of the palm of your hand!

If you are not sure how to do this, don't worry. Showmanship is something you can easily learn and improve upon with practice. It's not necessary an inborn trait that you either have or don't have-it's a learned skill that even the best magicians are constantly honing and perfecting.

Here's how to make good showmanship part of your magic routine:

Build a Bridge to the Audience

Whether you are onstage in front of ten people or ten thousand, your success is directly related to how much your audience feels inclined to trust you and suspend their disbelief for you.

To win them over, talk directly to them. Make eye contact. Make use of volunteers. Don't confine your show to the stage. Invite audience members up, or go down to mingle with them.

Don't Wait to Warm Up-Be "On" Right from the Start!

Don't wait to "warm up"-you've got to be "on" right from the start! Most magic shows last only about an hour or less, so make it a point to create your relationship with the audience quickly.

Cultivate a Stage Persona

Ideally, magic tricks should bring about a sense of wonder and excitement, not a sense of being tricked or fooled. And you as a magician should therefore aim to be mystical and wise, not hokey.

Of course, there are many ways to be entertaining. Some of the most successful magicians in the biz are very serious in terms of their demeanor. Others, however, are jocular and love to crack jokes during their shows.

Your "stage persona" is really up to you. If you're naturally inclined toward being chatty and making jokes, go for it on stage.

If you're naturally more reserved and quiet, you can think about adopting a more "David Blaine-like" character when you're performing.

The trick (pun intended!) is just to make sure you approach it as a role or a performance. Give the audience the dazzling entertainment they want and you will always be a hit.

Just Believe

Believe in what you are doing and suspend your disbelief as much as you can. The illusions work best when you truly trust in your abilities and honestly belief that you are creating miracles! In reality you know that they are

tricks, but if you act like they're just fakes or frauds then you'll never win over your viewers. Put it this way: if you don't believe in yourself, why on earth should your audience?


Chris Lloyd is the author of 'Discover The Magic Trick Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know'. For more details please visit


How to Construct a Forcing Matrix

Many thanks to Doug Dyment for taking the time to put together a completely thorough web site detailing the construction of a forcing matrix. Just in case you don't know what a forcing matrix is.. it's a square of numbers, maybe five across and five down, that can be used to force a particular number on an unsuspecting spectator.

Doug teaches how to construct your own matrix to force any number that you need, or want, to force. What seems like it would take a mathematical genius to figure out is really quite simple  -if-  you know the secret.

A forcing matrix is a very handy device for mentalists or someone performing a bit of mental magic. You can use it to force a particular card in a deck or a certain word on a given page. If you think about it, you could easily use two matrix squares to force two different numbers.. one a page number and another a word number.  

" To try it out, circle any number, and then cross out the remaining numbers in the same row (horizontally) and column (vertically). Then circle another number (one not already eliminated), and again strike out the numbers above, below, to the left, and to the right of same. Repeat until all numbers are either circled (there will eventually be five) or crossed out. Add the chosen (circled) numbers together. Now concentrate... I sense that the total will be... wait a second... fifty-seven!"..

===================================== - The Library

In case you didn't know, offers a library of information pertaining to street performances, street magic, busking, events, and reviews of events. This is a great page to bookmark, so you can go back at your convenience and read the great articles from actual street performers.

"How to Become a Street performer", "Hitting the Bricks", "Getting Sponsorship" and "How to Steal Material without getting caught" are just four of the many articles available to anyone.

A few of the other articles are:

Street Performing - Benefits to Society
How to Deal with Hecklers
A guide to the underground pitches and players of Boston.
A workshop applying creativity tools to physical comedy.
Are You Creative?
The Problem of Clown Plagiarism
Are You A Clown Or A Bogeyman?
Controlling Focus
Entertaining Audiences With Special Needs
A 'Glass Harper' Busks Across The USA
Balloon Busking (With an emphasis on performance!)
THE Guide to Balloons and Ballooning

Check it out..


Industrial Strength Magic Offer

Is this an ad? Yes.  Is this a valuable resource? Absolutely..
(and you can get a FREE ebook too..)

Boost Your Confidence, Your Reputation and Your Income, with Johnnie Gentle's Unique Professional Magic Course. Johnnie has been involved in magic and entertainment for over 40 years, and knows what it takes to make a full-time income performing magic for the public.Th

material in this course is tried and tested over many years  and although easy to do it is chosen

or the amazing impact it has on an ordinary lay audience, - the very people who build your reputation and who ultimately pay to see you perform.  
I recommend it for any performer, salesperson or anyone who just wants to give pleasure to others using the Fine Art of Magic!


Google Page Creator

Two things.. I recently received this email in my inbox. I went to the site, spent about thirty minutes playing around with the creator, and put a little page on the web that was nothing more than a reproduction of the last newsletter. I wanted to get an idea of what the Google page creator could do, and I was pleased with the simplicity.

If you have never developed a web page, and would like to put something out there for the experience, then maybe you should look into this.. It's super simple and publishing your project on the web is as simple as pressing a button..

Here's the page I created..


Thanks for your interest in Google Page Creator.  We appreciate your patience, and we're excited to tell you that we enabled your account today, so you can start making pages now!  To get started, head over to and sign in with your Gmail password.  We haven't opened up Google Page Creator to everybody yet, so you'll see a message on our home page saying that accounts are unavailable - you can just ignore that.

Google Page Creator is an experiment on Google Labs.  Google Labs is where we put projects before they're ready for prime time so that we can start getting feedback from our users.  So, please, tell us what you think, what features we should add, what problems you're experiencing, or anything else that can help us make Google Page Creator a better tool for you.  We're listening.


Card Shuffling Tutorial

Thanks to Tim Ryerson at for putting together a nice tutorial 'dealing' with the art of dealing cards. In Tim's own words..
"You don't have to shuffle yourself when you play online poker or when you have the luxury of sitting at a dealer table at your local card room. However, you can rarely escape from shuffling cards when you play live poker. (or perform magic tricks.. ed.note)

Many new players are not very confident about shuffling cards so I thought I would offer some support and give a step by step tutorial on some useful card shuffling techniques. The first thing I should point out is that shuffling cards is actually very easy. All it takes is knowing how to perform the correct technique and then a bit of practise. Once you practise often enough you should be able to shuffle cards with ease."

The shuffles I will be covering in this tutorial are as follows:  The Overhand Shuffle, The Hindu Shuffle, The Weave Shuffle, The Riffle Shuffle, The Table Riffle Shuffle, and The Strip Shuffle  (also known as running cuts and is a great finish for the table riffle shuffle.)

Each tutorial includes crisp, clear photos to help you master the shuffle of your choice.." target="_blank"></a>


Erdnase "Expert at the Card Table" - New PDF version Free for my readers..

For new subscribers and current subscribers... here is a new version of Expert at the Card Table. The version I have provided in the past seems to work with some systems, and not with others. This version is a PDF in a zip file, and should be much easier to download on virtually any system.

This link will be up for FOUR DAYS ONLY...  from March 31st until April 3rd. After that, I will remove the link and it will not be available again until next issue. I would love to provide you, my readers, with this excellent ebook, but I refuse to supply the entire internet with this ebook.

On April 3rd, I'll post the link to this newsletter on the home page of Street, and at that time this link will no longer be available...

The only way I can stay ahead of the search engines is to periodically change the url. I may, in the near future, password protect this file. But even at that, when one or two readers post the password improperly in a forum or two, all is undone..

Also, I've experienced a number of subscribers signing up, downloading the ebook, and then never viewing their newsletters... This will give me a little control over that situation as well.

* This link will be back in two weeks...



WaxMail is a completely free service for magicians, actually, for anyone, who uses Outlook and Outlook Express, and who hates to type. What it does is this;  WaxMail will install a record button on your email that allows you to record your message in mp3 format.  Recipients do not need WaxMail in order to replay your message.

You can sing your little hearts out, or talk non-stop while you perform other tasks. Either way, it's free.

In their own words.. "WaxMail is provided completely free of charge, with no functional limitations. WaxMail messages include a tag line telling recipients about the product. WaxMail is funded via advertising on this site, and via sales of licenses to those who wish to exclude the WaxMail tag line.."

WaxMail has my wheels turning, and I can see an interview or two being delivered to you via an audio medium.

Check it out.." target="_blank"></a>  


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